Product Description

Linea Ceiling Tiles are a built to order wood ceiling and wall panel system idea for commercial, institutional and residential. This easy to use tile system offers a custom wood design where a tiled look is desired. The install of tiles is customizable and is dependant on the edge reveal that is desired. Tile sizes are customizable, though a nominal 2’ x 2’ tile works best with standard t-bar systems.

For perforated or kerf tiles, please see the respective product pages.

Information & Options

Linea Ceiling Tile - Standard

Wood Species:
Choose between MDF, Plywood or Particle board
Panel Size:
Total width and length of an individual panel
Standard size is nominal 24" x 24" to work with standard t-bar systems.
Edge Profile:
Choose the method that these tiles are installed into the t-bar system
Click here to view our Linea Ceiling Tile product for different edge profile styles
Any clear or coloured stain
Click here for a sampling of common stains
Fire Rating:
Standard Class C
Class A available
Fabric Backer:
Backing material to hide/darken the area behind your panel

The blades of the Linea Ceiling Tile panel help with acoustic diffusion while the non-woven fabric backer and batt insulation behind provide further enhanced acoustics by absorption. Batt insulation is available upon request. The black (or otherwise specified colour) fabric backer also acts as a visual barrier to ceiling and wall components beyond.
Fire Rating:
Linea Ceiling Tile comes standard with a Class C fire rating for solid wood and composite wood products. Class A fire rated (FR) finish is available upon request, as well as Class A FR composite cores on wood veneer products. FR finish coatings and FR composite wood cores meet Class 1 when tested per CAN/ULC-S102 as per manufacturer?s product data. All components in our Linea Ceiling & Wall Systems products can be fabricated using Class 1 materials when requests.
Linea Ceiling Tile panels meet the requirements of the BC building code and the Vancouver Building By-Law for loading, including seismic.
Linea Ceiling Tile panels should be on site for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation into a building that has had its temperature and moisture content stabilized for a minimum of 72 hours. A temperature range of 15.5 - 32 °C [60 - 90 °F] and maximum humidity of 55% prior to, during, and after installation should be maintained.


Data Sheet
NRC Ratings